Day 8

From Gjøvik to Dal (with an interruption somewhere…)

It didn’t take much long, Mx Sports had already repaired my bike when I arrived in the afternoon!

They told me that there were mistakes with the bike, but that was not my concern. I was happy to finally get to progress in my journey. I  had a concern regarding a pedal that was not in the right position, I asked do we have fix it? the repairer said not worth it, you can go…

I started again the route to the hotel where I was expected to be since 24 hours.

when abruptly, at less than 30 kilometres for Gjovik… the pedal went completely off!!! I could not bike at all. Now I had to deal with Plan “F”!

I called immediately MX Sports to complain about not fixing the pedal, and the only one there late at night was the repairer. I will spare you the details, but I had secured plan F in an hour!

He came where I was, in the middle of nowhere, and fixed me definitively the pedal and a new crank set. Thanks.

Then I rode again at 7 pm, looking at the new champion of the Winter Olympic Games of 2030 in Nordic skiing.

Then it was calm at night. I was alone on this road and thought a lot of Marc d’Haultfoeuille, a partner in my firm for whom I had a lot of friendship and affection.

It was his 52th birthday… hadn’t him passed away from a very serious cancer in March this year. A cancer that he discovered two years ago and that he kept secret.

I was in a communion of thoughts with him that day, and of his wife, Marine, and his children. This is perhaps one of the reasons to begin my route to Santiago de Compostela. Repose in peace, and stay with us.


Day 7

From  Ringsaker to Dal (but returned miraculously to Gjøvik…)

Although I slept at an hour to answer to all late emails, I got up early. And it is a view that motivates you.

I said goodbye to my neighbors and I left on my itinerary of 90 kilometers, passing through a mountain (930 metres of elevation throughout the course).

This is the only photo I could take… just before that…

I spare you the details, my bike, in a pretty tough climb, stopped completely: the chain out of the cassette sprockets, and the rear derailer was on the ground! Worse, I found myself in a climb without anyone, without help, away from all…

After some time to secure my belongings and ask myself how I can face this huge disappointment, I wanted now the “E” plan.

I had to find another MX Sport store to repair this bike, unfortunately defective. Fortunately, there were one in Gjøvik, about 30 minutes in a car.

By an extraordinary chance, I went to see a lady (who takes care of this beautiful garden!) and she told me that his son would be driving home from work in 30 minutes. We talked, and I had this moment of joy to see that the Norwegians, when they are in front of someone that they should help, do whatever they can.

His name is Mads, and I owe him. He took us with his fiancée to the sporting goods store, with a trailer for the bike and my stuff. Thank you!

Once arrived, MX sport could not tell me how many days would take the bike repair… Or how long I was going to be stranded. Here is Toroff and Glenn.

We were supposed to meet up the next morning, when the repairman came.

While I was invited to a hotel at Dal, I had to find me urgently a room, because we were in a city and that I had no bike.

This allowed me to make the acquaintance of Mossi Antonio, an Italo-Iranian, who has an open heart. Without even asking me who I was, or to see me once before, he told me on the phone that he was ready to lend me one of its appart’hotel! One recognizes here someone of great human value.

And then it was a treasure hunt, because on the phone he guided me to the apartment, then I caught a hidden magnetic card and has remotely configured the opening of the front door!

I was able to rest me, even take a hot tub, and I saw him at about eleven o’clock in the evening. Thank you very much!


Day 6

Of Hundorp in preventive (via Lillehammer)…

First views…

the children seemed to have fun

and finally, Lillehammer, and its Olympic village!

the descent of ski jumping (they had lighted Olympic flame with a jump, while the IOC had forbidden it…)

and the stage of the opening ceremony, very human, very to the size of this city (first winter games where they understood the need for sustainable development of the facilities).

then I had to shave! Thanks to these guys… 

I keep pedaling

garden where everything is classified, presented

and finally this campsite of Stanvik, as there was no room available around Lillehammer, at least for free!

that’s not so bad

and next to me, my very nice Trondheim neighbors with whom we shared many things!


Day 5

From Hjerkin to Hundorp

This was a long day.

I followed a route in Rondane national park, it took me 9 hours…

I had lunch on the river.

Chocolate heaven?


Recharge my batteries in this hotel with not very friendly hosts (there were not Norwegian…), then to be almost kicked out before the customers arrived.

Before I took the final hill (350 m of ascent) and was saluted by a mutton-family.

Then in the evening, after cycling for almost 7 hours, I realised that the hotel wasn’t just down there, but it was a mistake from me and it seemed to be at 2 hours from where I was…

I descended quickly, seen a promising rainbow, and started to find local accommodation, but no one was really kind there in Ringebu.

But at last, someone I contacted over the phone responded and accepted to find me a bed in this difficult day: it was a hotel for pilgrims! I was treated  like a prince, by the Austrian receptionist trainee named Christa.

This made my day. Delicious food, room with a nice view on the lake, and quietness all around. You must go there:


Day 4

From Drivstua to Hjerkinn

Here I waked up early, at 5:30, to try to pass this very difficult pass. I wrote a note to my gentleman farmer.

I left in the quietness of the morning.

And after some effort, I fond myself finally in Hjerkinn. I asked the hostel if I can sleep an hour, and I am offered a lounge downstairs. I’m very tired and starting to not feel very good…

After this nap, I asked the owner of the hostel if I can’t stay here tonight. It is Sunday, I want to go pray and I’m already pretty tired by the days before…

He told me that his boss agreed and I am happy.

I got out and look at the weather!

I then discover a church, which I thought was made last year, as she is well maintained and very design. But she has over 48 years!

Going a little better, I went on a little mountain nearby and discovered landscapes of game of Thrones!

There were at least 90 km/h of wind!

And I had the chance to encounter of a couple of French with three children, who finished their fantastic trip to Norway, and they very kindly invited me to tea in their caravan. And politics were also discussed…

On the way home for dinner, the restaurant was already closed! But he very kindly gave me to eat. This is a great hostel, nice, and served by a very friendly staff.

They also organize tours to see musk oxen (Musk Ox)!

Result of image search for "musk ox"

I recommend you go to this hostel!


Day 3


From Berkak to Drivstua ..

Thank you very much to Halland Camping for letting me sleep at home. It is in a beautiful place, lovely people, every room is made of a cottage, convenient with a kitchenette and double beds for six! Beside, there is a beautiful children’s playground and a mini golf!

If you passing by, go for it!

But after this short night (arrived at two in the morning), I had to concentrate on the “D” plan! Find a Saturday a second battery, in the middle of nowhere, for this bike that replaced the Lopifit at the beginning … Knowing that these bikes are not common, and that stores close on Saturday at 3 pm … Spent hours on the phone on an area of 100 kilometers around! Then, Tobias of MX Sport, finally told me that he was going to receive it from the distributor and that he was going to spend his weekend not far away of where I was heading. What would I do without him?

I leave…

Thinking that the battery would last fifty kilometers, downhill, to Oppdal … but it was already flat after 30!

I had to walk with my heavy package, until what Tobias saw me on the road! And delivers me from this trouble … (I was at 3 kilometers / hour). Hip Hip …!

Then, to make 100 kilometers, I had to spend the night in Hjerkinn in a dormitory of pilgrims. But to get there, it’s the biggest coast of my Norwegian journey …


A DEER … (in the middle of the photo, yes, yes) …

Then no more battery, it is already 19 hours, I advance to 2 or 3 Kms / h … And, arrived at Drivstua, I do not find the “room to rent”, to plug my cables, that I had seen on google …

And then I meet the magnificent farmer who welcomed me with open arms, to recharge my batteries (literally and figuratively), even offering me to eat if I wanted to, or even to sleep at his house.

What a sensible suggestion. He spent his whole life in this valley.  We discussed a lot of things.

But long ago, he responded to a classified written by a woman, just arrived in Trondheim, with a child, who was fleeing Uganda because the military had killed her husband. And that’s how their story was born. And they are celebrating today (Sunday) their Twentieth Anniversary of marriage! What a strenght! I wish you all the best.

Then, at around 11 pm, seeing that the chargers were still incomplete, and that there was a very strong icy wind, I decided not to go on this (hardest) pass and accept his invitation to stay at home!


Day 2


Some picture of the “climbing” to lake Anoya, and where I slept.

In the morning, there was no route to Oslo (I shouldn’t trust the guy at the Post office!) and had to go back to Melhus…

… when my bike chain broke!

Fortunately, Tör was passing by with his caravan, and he was able to bring me back to another sport store, MX SPORT. Thanks to him!

Then we had to change of bike, but I only had one battery (the Lopifit I had comes with two, for 50 kms and maximum speed is 25kms/h).

Thanks very much to the owner of MX SPORT to have sold me this bike at price cost. And to his competent staff, particularly Tobias.

Then I had to go to call DHL, the German transporter, who hadn’t  brought on time the battery of the Lopifit sent from the Netherlands, and when I asked them to take these batteries back to Oslo, they refused – while  it’s their own mistake! Difficult to have comprehensive people, but that their own fault.

Then I finally started my journey at 5 pm!

But after 25 kms, the battery was already down! (even though it should last at least 60!) and I was in the middle of nowhere… and had  still to find this lovely place “Halland Camping” in Rennebu, who had offered me to stay.

And I arrived cycling at about 2 am…!


Day 1

A live Facebook at 10 am…


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Scare. Joy. Finally, the D-Day

Then, about to start, some Belgians were curious about my bike, and they ended up offering to stay at their house in Belgium!

Then other problems occurred!

Rain, cold, no maps, no one to help, no order in my very heavy equipment! So I had to spend four hours to adapt myself to the “new” circumstances… and left after four.

And went cycling…. at 10 kms/hour! (not at all the 25 of the Lopifit).


Wild Strawberries for a wild Cyclostourist.

I’ve made 30 kms today (not the promised 100 a day). But I will try sleep near lake Anoya!